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I have attended Rob's hypnosis seminar and also been hypnotised a few times by him. Rob has very deep understanding and practical skill about hypnosis. I always learn some valuable stuff from him any time when I talk to Rob. - Haiming Jiang
I did some sessions with Robert with regards to my anxiety. The first couple of session brought some relief but my symptoms returned after a few days. Robert explained to me the sessions may have triggered some hidden issues in my subconscious and he proceeded to clear them. I did not get immediate relief, but my self-confidence increase with each passing day just like he predicted. I feel so much better now. I experienced these positive changes despite all the sessions being done online.
I highly recommend him. He is very genuine, patient, and progresses at a pace you are comfortable with. - Jason Ba
I can highly recommend Roberts services! He was very caring and has helped me tremendously! In just a couple sessions he was guiding my professionally to transcend some blocks and limitations I had in a very relaxing and fun way! I am looking forward to continue to work with him! - Oliver Kamp
I only heard about hypnosis before, but never had experienced it.But this time around I gave it a go. I was feeling very low and mind was filled with negative thoughts all the time. With only one session with Robert on these, I felt inner peace to a level that could not be described. The results exceeded my expectations. I now feel a lot different and more determined with confidence. All thanks to Robert. - Sarila Chand
Rob has helped me to lose weight and to relax my mind and body. He has opened my mind to new experiences and has been my guide into this new and wonderful experience. - Jessica Hartley
I tought that I have seen it all, done it all. Then Rob hypnotise me through skype...: the result of his clearing work in my daily where so profound that I gone from believer to raving fan. It is a so amazing feeling to feel deeply relax and even more in control in your daily life because success is pouring out of you. I look foward to work further with him. - Severin Vias
Robert just puts all his heart and energy in helping you transform your mind patterns that don't serve you anymore. He is a very ambitious and patient person . It is just great working together with him. Thank you so much ! - Josefine Kra
Worked with Robert 2 weeks ago, and he was great! Was able to help me clear some negative experiences that were standing in the way of the success I want to achieve! - Gualberto Diaz