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What is Tantric Trance?

Tantric Trance is a non-touch (fully clothed) tantra technique that harnesses the power of the subconscious mind to enable women to access their sexual tantric energy. Our programme has been built using a blend of the latest psychology and hypnosis techniques, combined with ancient learnings and wisdom from Tantra and the Tao. Tantric Trance appeals both to the spiritually and scientifically minded and all of our services are available (and just as effective) via Skype.  

How does it work?

After being guided into a relaxed state of mind, we use non-touch tantra techniques to open your subconscious mind to feel intense pleasure and arousal and eventually to become fully orgasmic and capable of achieving multiple orgasms.  

After experiencing this and anchoring it into the nervous system, you will be able to access these feelings when, where and with whom you wish. During orgasm, natural chemicals are released into the brain that maximize its neuroplasticity i.e. the brain becomes very receptive to change and learning after orgasm. These changes make it possible for us to use Tantric Trance to clear negativity, remove energy 'blocks', set up positive triggers and make permanent, positive changes in your life. 

 All of the services that we offer at Mind Transformations can be provided just as easily and effectively via Skype as in person. In fact many of our clients prefer Skypenosis (consultation/ hypnosis session via Skype) as it saves them time by not having to travel to our offices.

Many of our clients also feel more relaxed and comfortable experiencing our services from the comfort of their own home. All that is needed for a successful Skypenosis session is a good internet connection, smart device, laptop or desktop, a pair of headphones/ earphones and a comfortable chair to relax in, in an area where you won't be disturbed.

Skypenosis allows us to work with our clients anywhere in the world.

Why Tantric Trance?

Tantric Trance is new and powerful. You can use it to access your sexual energy, or, in tantric terms, your jing (generative or creative) energy and harness this to increase your chi (life force) energy. By increasing your access to this powerful and versatile energy, you can:

  • - Feel sexy and confident

  • Become orgasmic, improve your orgasms or experience different types of orgasm 

  • - Harness the power of your feminine energy to improve all aspects of your life 

  • - Reconnect with your heart and your feminine identity

  • - Unlock creativity (which is strongly linked to sexual energy and vitality)

  • - Enhance pleasure or experience new states of pleasure and arousal

  • - Clear negative or 'garbage' energy out of your mind and achieve a healthy life balance

  • - Tap in to your kundalini energy or experience 'kundalini awakening'

  • - Benefit from the healing power of Tantric Trance

Get in touch with usskype_call_me

All of our services are available via Skype and are provided as individual, one-on-one experiences. We offer a FREE 30-minute intro session to discuss how we can work together.

Initial Consultation - 90 minutes duration  $250

Follow Up Sessions - 60 mins duration  $180

Although powerful results may be reached with one or two sessions, we highly recommend that you book at least a 4 session package and preferably a 9 session package in order to achieve powerful and permanent change.

In addition to the packages, we offer a 1-day Tantric Trance experience for $1,000. This can be provided as 6 hours in one day (with breaks) or split across two half-days. 


If you would like to know more about what is involved with this process , send me an email or call me and i can send you a 60 minute healing session i did with the Permission of one of my clients.

What our clients say about us

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I wanted to start working with Rob to reawaken my sensual body and sexual feelings. I was looking to develop more confidence in experiencing pleasure during sex and to use that confidence to attract men in to my life with whom I could share intimacy and loving relating. We used orgasms to create pleasure in my body and to associate these feelings with a sense of confidence, of being beautiful and sexy. Working with Rob has allowed me to better recognise the kind of men that I wish to share sexual relating with based on their understanding of their masculinity and how it interacts with the feminine. I am more excited about sex and have the desire to make it an important part of my life, as it brings so many health benefits and helps me feel like a beautiful, confident and sensual woman. I would definitely recommend the Tantric Trance sessions as they will help you to connect with your beautiful sensual body and to bring sex and pleasure the importance they deserve in your life.   Jessica, 35

I found the Tantric Trance sessions with Rob to be a safe and enjoyable way to deepen my experiences of pleasure. I feel really peaceful and settled within. I've particularly enjoyed learning the self-hypnosis exercises that let me experience the feelings from the sessions at any time!   Debbie, 54  


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