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Whether they excel in sports, on stage or in business, all the best in their field of expertise emphasize the importance of the mind to achieve peak performance. The thing most often left out of the conversation is HOW they trained their minds to get ahead of the competition.

Sports Enhancement

At Mind Transformations we are able to help you apply effective mental training techniques such as visualization, mental rehearsal and hypnosis, enabling you to experience the great benefit that these techniques contribute to increasing the performance level of those who apply them.

We are able to work with you to teach you techniques of enhanced visualisation and mental strength and give you the tools to access these whenever necessary in order to reach peak performance and achieve your goals.

Initial Consultation - 90 minutes duration  $180

Follow Up Sessions - 60 mins duration  $120

Although powerful results may be reached within one or two sessions, we highly recommend that you book at least a 4 package session and preferably a 9 session package in order to experience powerful and permanent change.


4 session package

9 session package

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