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The 'Rules' of dating are changing constantly in our modern society and with our online dating culture, many men are unsure how to act and behave in a way that attracts the opposite sex, while still maintaining their sense of masculinity.

Many men have a fear of rejection, especially when meeting and dating women for the first time. Here at Mind Transformations we first work on your inner game so the negative emotions and fears around meeting and attracting women are eliminated. We then greatly enhance your confidence, so that meeting and dating women becomes a fun experience.

We then work with you to develop skills in meeting and attracting the right kind of women for you, whether it is for a long or short term relationship.

Initial Consultation - 90 minutes duration
Follow Up Sessions - 60 minutes duration

Although powerful results may be reached with one or two sessions, we highly recommend that you book at least a 4 package session and preferably a 9 session package in order to achieve powerful and lasting change.

4 session package

9 session package