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Hi, I'm Rob de Jong, Mind Transformations is my business and we offer a range of unique services to help transform the way you think and to improve your life. I enjoy working with all of my clients and seeing the positive changes that they are making after working with us at Mind Transformations.

After completing my Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology at the University of Newcastle, I spent a decade studying hypnosis, energy and trance. I've used this knowledge to design our packages and develop the techniques that we use with our clients.

One of the many reasons that I love working with hypnosis is that it is a fast and effective way to create lasting change because it taps directly into the subconscious mind. Scientific studies have shown it as a proven technique for rapid change*.

Contact me today and let's talk about how we can work together to improve or enhance your life, change your beliefs and thoughts about yourself and reach the goals you want to achieve in life.

Please Note: I am not a psychologist or a therapist of any kind . I am a trainer and mind coach , training people how to use their minds for a happier and more fulfilling life.