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After completing this Program , clients report huge and significant increases in their confidence levels in all aspects of life , especially when interacting with others . Clients also report that they are far happier in life in general . This Works .

Your 9 Session Package includes:

- Discussion of goals and outcomes

- Using the powerful resource of hypnosis

- Conditioning with positive emotions

- MP3 to keep - self confidence and mindfulness

- Micro Cosmic Orbit - association of confidence to breathing

- Multiple negativity clearing techniques

- Positive Confidence Regression

- Self hypnosis training - relaxation on command

- Setting positive resource self confidence anchors

- Multiple guided visualisation and rehearsal of confident emotions and behaviours

- Multiple direct drive technique for self confidence

- Self hypnosis confidence installation and positive affirmations

- Deep trance installation of positive belief systems

- And more

Your 9 Package Sessions include 1 x 90 Session ( Initial Consultation)

and 8 x 60 minute Follow Up consultations

Investment :