'Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.' Mahatma Gandhi

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Bachelor Degree in Psychology- University of Newcastle

Professional Hypnotist and Energy Practitioner

Certificate in Sports Performance with Hypnosis

Certificate in Smoking Cessation

Certificate in E.F.T.(Emotional Freedom Technique)


Please Note: I am Not a psychologist or a therapist of any kind . I am a Trainer and Mind Coach , and show people to use their minds in a way that leads to a happier and more fulfilling life .

Services Section

  • Corporate Hypnotist
  • Hypnosis Anxiety
  • Self Confidence
  • Study Improvements
  • Dating for Men
  • Performance and Sports Enhancement
  • Skypenosis
  • Increased Happiness and Well-Being
  • Stop Smoking Hypnosis
  • Weight Loss Hypnosis

Corporate Hypnotist

Keynote Speech 1 :

Learn how to keep stay stay motivated over long periods of time using the power of the sub-conscious mind and hypnosis

Keynote Speech 2 :

The Science of Hypnosis - The behaviours of the mind and how hypnosis can be used everyday to empower your life.

Anxiety/stress management

Stress and anxiety are at epidemic proportions in modern society and with the ever increasing overload of information we are bombarded with as a society, it is estimated to only become a greater issue.

Here at Mind Transformations we work with our clients to remove a lot of the negativity that holds them back from achieving their goals and that causes stress day after day.

Self Confidence

Whether it’s for work, relationships or everyday interactions, a strong sense of confidence allows a person to live a far more fulfilling and complete life.

Often throughout life our sense of confidence is hindered by the bad programming and belief systems we received from others in our life and this programming can dramatically affect us today as a result.

At Mind transformations we work with our clients to eliminate a lot of this bad programming and then program in a far more confident mindset through trance and visualization techniques.

Study Improvements

Many students who have obtained the necessary knowledge to achieve high scores in an examination setting often fail to do so due to test anxiety. Why does this occur? This occurs because the anxiety they feel in the exam setting impedes access to the information they have learned.

Through the utilization of trance, hypnosis and self-hypnosis we can show a student how to relax in an exam environment so that all of the information they had absorbed both in class and study can be easily accessed.

Better Sleep

Better Sleep

Lack of healthy sleep cannot only increase stress in a person’s life, it can also lead to many health related difficulties including diabetes and heart disease to name two.

After completing the Better Sleep Program you will not only sleep easier and healthier, you will also feel more positive as a person.

Dating for men

The 'Rules' of dating are changing constantly in our modern society and with our online dating culture, many men are unsure how to act and behave in a way that attracts the opposite sex, while still maintaining their sense of masculinity.

Many men have a fear of 'rejection' especially when meeting and dating women for the first time. Here at Mind Transformations we first work on your inner game so the negative emotions and fears around meeting and attracting women are eliminated. We then greatly enhance your confidence, so that meeting and dating women becomes a fun experience.

Performance and Sports Enhancement

Whether they excel in sports, stage or in business performance, all the best in their field of expertise emphasize the importance of the mind to achieve peak performance. The thing most often left out of the conversation is HOW they trained their minds to reach the highest levels in their field.

At Mind Transformations, we are able to help you apply effective mental training techniques such as visualization, mental rehearsal and hypnosis, enabling you to experience the great benefit these techniques contribute to increasing the performance level of those who utilize these techniques.


All the services that we offer at Mind Transformations can be provided as easily and as effectively on Skype as in person. In fact many of our clients prefer the Skypenosis (consultation session via Skype) as they save time by not having to travel to our offices.

Many of our clients also feel more relaxed and comfortable having the consultation from the comfort of their own home.

Increased Happiness and Well-Being

In today's competitive and rushed lifestyle, many people have forgotten what it is to feel pure happiness in their lives. Furthermore, most people believe that the pleasure they feel is somehow outside of themselves and is not readily accessible.

The truth of the matter is that feelings of happiness, joy and other positive emotions exist inside us and we can have far greater control on accessing them when we choose to learn how to.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis

If you are truly ready to quit smoking for Life , then using a combination of deep guided visualisation , hypnosis and E.F.T , we can change the damaging associations that exist in your subconscious mind and break them so you will live the far healthier life of a non-smoker.

Anger Management

The feeling of anger is a natural human emotion. When the anger is healthy , it has the ability to allow us to stand up for ourselves when the going gets touch . Problems arise when the anger manifests to the point where it cant be controlled and leads to aggression and violence .

An inappropriate level of anger and the behaviours that follow can lead to hurting loved ones and work colleagues and can have a detrimental effects on health and our ability to connect with people around us .

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Why does working with the subconscious mind work so well for weight loss ?

When we go into the subconscious mind , we can resolve any real reasons why the client currently is unable to control their desire for the wrong kind of foods..

We change the associations and break the cycle for life .

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Let's talk today about how we can work together to achieve your goals . Book your Free 30 minute consultation Today.

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